exiting window manager doesn't stop vncviewer

Stephen Walton swalton "at" sunspot.csun.edu
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 23:27:41 +0000

I just tried -once and it doesn't help on either Linux/KDE or HP-UX/CDE.
Hitting Logout/exit/whatever causes some things to shut down but not Xvnc
itself.  There is something about how these window managers signal the X
server that they've exited which isn't handled correctly by Xvnc.  This is
a longstanding problem to which it would be nice to have a solution.

Stephen Walton, Professor of Physics and Astronomy,
California State University, Northridge
stephen.walton "at" csun.edu

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, Steve Palocz wrote:

> On the server if using Xvnc add -once
> if using vncserver then find the cmd line and add one with -once.
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> Then, when I stop the window manager, be it kde or twm, the session
> isn't properly closed, and the vncviewer isn't killed. I still can
> kill it in the console from which it started, with ctrl-c. It is
> possible that I am missing something, but I have no idea of what it
> could be.
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