AW: password protected screensaver causes "connection closed by peer"

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc "at" dOink.COM
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 19:20:50 +0000

    I have a default password for VNC.  It doesn't matter whether
    it matches my Win2K network password or not.  In neither case
    will a vncviewer session survive Win2K asking for a password
    after locking the Win2K screen.

    Default resolution?  User resolution?  I'm not finding this.
    If you're referring to the question in the FAQ about a screen
    saver with a different default resolution causing my problem,
    then I expect that this isn't the problem because the screen
    saver itself will run just fine, unless I password protect it.


On 17 September 2001 at 9:20, "Steve Palocz" <spalocz "at"> wrote:

Try setting the default password, also make sure the default resolution is
the same as the user.

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