AW: password protected screensaver causes "connection closed by peer"

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc "at"
Sat, 15 Sep 2001 08:20:19 +0000

    F8 pops up the menu for me.  Send ctrl+alt+del does't do
    anything visibly though.  I ended up trying TightVNC on the
    Win2K machine.  It's snappier than vanilla VNC, but it has
    the same trouble, in that vncviewer on my Solaris machine is
    kicked off anytime the Win2K screen locks.  Does screen
    password locking on a Win2K machine, as the server, with the
    viewer running on Solaris work for anyone?  If no one has got
    this to work, I'll give up and turn on/off password locking
    the screen as need be.


On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 08:57:10 -0400 "Steve Palocz" <spalocz "at"> wrote:

> try hitting F8
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