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Boivin, Patrice J BoivinP "at"
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 17:42:16 +0000

Antonio, your message did make it through.

There is no support for VNC however, if you run into a problem more than
likely you are on your own.

It seems there are responses on the listserv, but they are mostly
UNIX-related, probably due to the mix of people on the listserv.

I posted a problem we have experienced here, a major problem (we can't
authenticate at all), one person suggested I try the default ports (not an
option, VNC has vulnerabilities to begin with), but no other suggestions.

We get a " error: Your session has been disconnected" as
soon as we enter the password in the java applet and click on the button.

It works for one NT server we wish to access, but not for the other.

VNC is... freeware.

With commercial software you can usually ask the vendor's dedicated support
team to reproduce your problem, diagnose it, and find a workaround or
produce a patch, but there does not appear to be anything like this for VNC.
Especially VNC on NT.

This is the same reason why LINUX is probably not going to make much of a
headway with corporate clients, in most shops support must be available for
a product to even be considered.

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