NT Administrator can't change Properties of VNC

Thompson, Dale W. Thompson "at" pbworld.com
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 16:47:22 +0000

I have installed WinVNC on a number of NT 4.0 machines. I wanted to restrict
the user's ability to change the password and to close the VNC application
in the taskbar, so before installing the program on each workstation I
imported this .REG file into the registry:







which was an export from a machine where I had configured it the way I
wanted. So far so good. I can connect with each machine just fine, and
everything is working well, except...

The Properties entry (and the Close entry for that matter) on the VNC icon's
pop-up menu is grayed out, even when I am logged in as Administrator, or
someone else in the Administrators group. And when I try to run
Start/Programs/VNC/Administrative Tools/Show Default Settings I get a dialog
with a title of WinVNC Error and the message says "This machine as been
preconfigured with WinVNC settings, which cannot be overridden by individual
users. The preconfigured settings may be modified only by a System
Administrator." Well, I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR!

I've looked at the documentation on the website for WinVNC but can't find
any information on this particular problem. Any help or words of advice?

Dale Thompson
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