Speeding up and reducing traffic with fully working video driver

De Vos Rudi rudi.de.vos "at" skynet.be
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 01:18:01 +0000


Finaly i'm getting some good result with  the driver. (only W2K)
Winvnc don't need the message hooking anymore (except mouse).
-polling modes are no langer needed to get screen updates.
-scrolling and moving regions are well detected and most of the data can
be passed as copyrects

There is still work to do on the the winvnc server site.
 -James 'Wez' Weatherall notified me to look at the code from Xvnc and
RDP2VNC to reduce update
with copyrects. Winvnc send only the biggest copyrect ,.... need to be
-hookdll should only check mouse events

driver+winvncserver can be downloaded for testing
(winvnc server is build with the source from tridia "more debugs build
file: winvncdrv.zip

changes after betadrv
-copyrects are send 1 by 1 and verified with the normal region scan.
-bitblits are copied to the backbuffer, not scanned
-scan and no scan regions are subtract, no double rects anymore
-added back mouse hooking

Please test and send bugs or suggestions back.

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