Java viewer is faster than native Windows Viewer!?

Eric Carlson Eric "at"
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:45:54 +0000

  Maybe it conflicts with one of the Windows Updates, or some other app
I have installed on the systems, but the problem was fixed by upgrading
to Win2k.

  There were a few things in common with the two systems. They both
have: all the latest "Windows Updates" (no betas), Netscape 4.78,
ZoneAlarm, IE 5.x, 3Com NICS (one PCMCIA, one PCI), with current
drivers, Office 2000 Pro SP1, and some other stuff. The video cards are
obviously different, though they are both running at 1024x768x16-bit.

  They are on completely seperate LANs.

- Eric,

> Interesting. I haven't noticed any excessive slowdowns under Windows 98 or Windows 95, on my 900 MHz AMD Athalon or on my 75 MHz Toshiba laptop (though the small screen on the latter makes using VNC a little tedious sometimes.) I wonder if there are particular options you have to select for things to slow down?
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