Java viewer is faster than native Windows Viewer!?

Eric Carlson Eric "at"
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 14:28:50 +0000

  I noticed that the VNC Viewer 3.3.3r9 is very slow if connecting from
a Windows 98/ME machine to a Windows NT 4.0 server, but is fine from a
Win2K machine.

  I think the VNC Viewer has issues with Windows 98/ME because it seems
to slow down the whole computer, and I've tried it on at least two
vastly different computers.

  One computer was a Toshiba laptop P-III/500 with 196.Meg RAM and
Windows 98, and the other was a Compaq Presario desktop Celeron/633 with
320.Meg RAM and WinME. After installing Windows 2000 Pro on both of
these, the VNC Viewer is much faster, and the other apps don't slow down
when I am running VNC Viewer.

- Eric,
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