A common problem..?

Mohan Ram mohan "at" worldcare.com.my
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 10:10:44 +0000


I have my Ultra running vnc on 2.7,

I have the vncserver running, to access from remote sites. Starting the
vncserver on the Ultra from telnet sessions are okay, but when I exit the
telnet session, only a grey box appears on the remote machine...but the vnc
process seems to be running on the server...all my config files ( including
xstartup etc ) has not been changed.

Another curiosity, according to the vnc website, a non root user can start up
the vncserver if the /tmp/.X11-unix permissions are changed to 777, how do I
automate this during startup & lastly does anyone have a startup script to
fire up the vncserver during boot up....??

Appreciate all the help......Mohan
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