AW: password protected screensaver causes "connection closed by peer"

Stefane Bridy stefane_bridy "at"
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:35:33 +0000

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 --- Kevin Cosgrove <kevinc "at" dOink.COM> escribis: >     Well that
explains it.  I have no "send ctrl+alt+del" in
> my
>     right clicked task bar menu.  I have only Properties, Add
> New
>     Client, Kill All Clients, About WinVNC, and Close WinVNC.

On 12 September 2001 at 13:14, "Ryan Casey" 
<scfiead "at"> already explained it in :

Those are the options if you clicked on the icon for VNC Server 
in the System Tray.  Be sure you are clicking on the Task Bar
button for the Viewer's connection.  Alternatively, bring up VNC
Viewer, connect to the system, and right click in the Title Bar
for the window.  This should bring up a number of options,
including 'Send Ctl-Alt-Del'.

>     I tried shift+ctrl+alt+del, but nothing happens.  I tried
>     this on the remote Unix client and on the PC itself.  I
> tried
>     this using all of the shift & del keys available on each
>     keyboard.

OK, if you don't use the viewer on a Windows machine, the system
menu is not accessed the same, BUT everything is explained in
the documentation as I wrote in a previous email :

"Well ...  it doesn't work for me, but the way to proceed is
clearly indicated in the documentation on the VNC site, for each
viewer type. It's just that the system menu or pop-up menu,
depending on your platform doesn't state it clearly. For NT
viewer, for example, the system menu item "Send control down" is
confusing people. It means holding control down, so you just
have to press Esc then,  (dont forget to release control with
"Send control up" if you want to avoid problems for yourself,
(or local user?) later on).

It's explained in the documentation, but people (I amongst them)
 don't take time to read them through ...  so just go in  and click on documentation
on the left menu."

>     At this point, if I run a screen locker, like I want to do
>     when leaving work for the night, then I have to be at the
>     laptop keyboard in order to unlock the screen because a
>     password protected Win2K screen kills the remote VNC
>     viewer client.
>     Any more suggestions?

Yes :-)   I don't know for winVNC client on other platforms than
NT, but, for NT, in the DOCUMENTATION
(, it's clearly explained
that if you just start it as apps (so started by clicking on it
or in start menu Startup group), it will just stop the program
as it does for all when you unlogg, but it shouldn't when you
make screen lock (are you sure you didn't unlog instead?).
That's why you have to install is as a SERVICE. You can do it in
start menu, VNC, Administrator tools, ...   for other platforms
or information, just read the DOCUMENTATION :-))))   I know,
it's easier to ask, but you'll learn about a lot of interesting
features by taking the time to read it through.

Have a good time reading, and please, someone look into my
UNdocumented question just the previous message I think.

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