Win2K, VNC, ZoneAlarm

Stefane Bridy stefane_bridy "at"
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:12:41 +0000

For the batch file, try to put CALL before the zone alarm line,
as I remember that depending on the program started from the
batch file, then batch file is terminated, unless this command
was used.

So it'd be:

call "c:\Program Files\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe" -nopopup
"c:\Program Files\ORL\VNC\WinVNC.exe" -run

or maybe, in case of errors because of longnames, depending of
the configuration of your system:
call c:\Progra~1\ZoneAl~1\zoneal~1.exe -nopopup
"c:\Program Files\ORL\VNC\WinVNC.exe" -run

Hope it works ...

===== Your problem was : ==========
I created a batch file with two lines.. the first line running 
the second running VNC... but when I run the batch file... after

ZoneAlarm,... it never returns to continue to run VNC. I'm 
probably missing
something very simple and basic.

The file is pretty straigthforward :

"c:\Program Files\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe" -nopopup
"c:\Program Files\ORL\VNC\WinVNC.exe" -run

Can someone please help me out?

Thanks in advance,


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