AW: password protected screensaver causes "connection closed by peer"

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc "at" dOink.COM
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:18:33 +0000

    My viewer has no task bar.  All I have is a Motif-ish (CDE?)
    window with it's normal move, resize, etc. controls.  There
    are no VNC controls on the title bar for the VNC viewer
    window.  That's on the Unix (Solaris) side.  If I try to
    bring up a viewer on the PC, I get "loopback connections
    disabled" and I see nothing in the VNC server properties that
    would enable it.

    Still stumped....

On 12 September 2001 at 13:14, "Ryan Casey" <scfiead "at"> wrote:

Those are the options if you clicked on the icon for VNC Server in the
System Tray.  Be sure you are clicking on the Task Bar button for the
Viewer's connection.  Alternatively, bring up VNC Viewer, connect to the
system, and right click in the Title Bar for the window.  This should bring
up a number of options, including 'Send Ctl-Alt-Del'.
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