AW: password protected screensaver causes "connection closed by peer"

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc "at" dOink.COM
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 18:01:04 +0000

    Well that explains it.  I have no "send ctrl+alt+del" in my
    right clicked task bar menu.  I have only Properties, Add New
    Client, Kill All Clients, About WinVNC, and Close WinVNC.

    I tried shift+ctrl+alt+del, but nothing happens.  I tried
    this on the remote Unix client and on the PC itself.  I tried
    this using all of the shift & del keys available on each

    At this point, if I run a screen locker, like I want to do
    when leaving work for the night, then I have to be at the
    laptop keyboard in order to unlock the screen because a
    password protected Win2K screen kills the remote VNC viewer

    Any more suggestions?


On 12 September 2001 at 2:41, Stefane Bridy <stefane_bridy "at"> wrote:

That's the menu you get by right-clicking on the task bar button
of the open VNC connection.

BTW, the send the Ctrl+Alt+Del to the remote machine, you can
also press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Del instead of using the menu.
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