Hide local desktop or present a message

Green, Ian P green.ian.p "at" edumail.vic.gov.au
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 06:02:29 +0000

Yes, I want the message only at the server side. I will most likely set it up to
disable local control. The idea of *removing* the power and reset buttons
appeals to me (if I could remotely power up or down the entire collection of
variously aged computers - it ain't going to happen). I can't imagine where I
could hide them (as an alternative), and I am certain that they will simply pull
the power plug out if they don't know what is going on. Most are not observant
enough to notice the tray icon going black. Thanks.

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Well, the tray icon (assuming a winvnc server here) goes black...
Are you requesting a message that only shows up on the server's side
(i.e., not transferred to the client)?

You could always set it up to disable local control (keyboard and mouse)
while you're connected.  And hide the power/reset buttons.

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