General Set-up Query - between London & Florida!

Jonathan Maton jmaton "at"
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 14:35:42 +0000

> Hi Folks,
> I am new around here, so I will apologise in advance ;-)
> Now my client also has a house in Florida (lucky sod), connecting to the

Heh, I'm in Florida now, it's too damn hot and rainy!

> The server has a static IP, the PC in London also has a static IP, but a
> private one 10.57.225.xx. The PC in Florida has a dynamic one.
> ---------
> My Questions....
> Can we run WinVNC to make all this work?

Seems like it would be the best solution.

> Are there any problems that you foresee?

Make sure all the machines can talk to each other before you bring VNC into
the equation.   Check firewall setups (if any) to be sure the Florida box
can actually access the server PCs.  Specifically you will need access to
port 5900.

Now about the machines on the LAN... is WinGate doing any NAT?  If you
cannot directly access the machines (who are behind the wingate) from the
internet, then most likely you will have to vnc into the server, and from
there vnc into the individual computer on the LAN that he wishes to use.
This will not be as much fun, because now you will have three mouse pointers
and quite a bit of lag.  Would be better to be able to either vnc directly
into the boxes on the lan, or be able to run the software from the server.
(By the way, when I say "vnc into the computer," I mean connect to the
computer using the vncviewer client.)

> (My client can just about turn on the PC, and operate his software, he
> cannot configure it!!)

That's fine, his requirements will be double-clicking the vncviewer icon,
clicking okay (the drop-down list will store the last eight IP addresses
used, so you can have the one he needs (e.g., the static server IP) already
in the list), and entering a password.  From there it will be as if he's
sitting at the remote computer.  You should probably show him the connection
options screen (for the "restrict to 8-bit" option) and the "request
refresh" command from the system menu.

> I will have to go to Florida to configure the client end - obviously I
> will not be able to pop back easily to adjust the server end!! - So I
> need to get everything clear before I go...

Install winvnc on all of those machines which he will want to vnc into, and
set all the passwords the same (for simplicity.)  Make it a service
(automatic start) on the win2k machine, and put it in startup on the win9x
machines.  Practice connecting with the vncviewer to make sure the winvnc
servers answer before you fly 1000+ miles away.  :)  What part of Florida?

> Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.

Hope that helps.

> Thank you in advance,
> Ian.

Your biggest problem will be wingate, I think.  I don't know if it allows
outside access into the machines that are behind it, or indeed how you do
that (I'm assuming they don't have their own resolvable IPs).  If you can
route traffic according to port #, you could get creative... WinVNC has a
setting called "display number"... it can be from 0-99 and actually dictates
the port that WinVNC will use.  (0 = 5900, 1 = 5901, etc.)  So you could set
each WinVNC to use a different display number and then if the wingate
machine's IP is, then traffic addressed to could be
directed to the machine running WinVNC with display number 1,
would go to machine 2, etc.  I don't know if you can do that or not... I'm
just trying to think of solutions that will allow you to vnc directly into a
machine on the LAN, rather than connecting to the server first, then vnc'ing
from there to a machine on the LAN.  Multiple connections are a try on one's
patience.  But perhaps the English are more patient? :)

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