version 3.3.3r9

Green, Ian P green.ian.p "at"
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 01:56:24 +0000

I'm not exactly sure right now which version of the server I am running (the
viewer is, but I exported the registry settings having set one up,
which includes the password. I run the .reg file first, then copy the files in
the 'Program Files' ORL folder and run the shortcut "install WinVNC as a
service". No trouble with passwords since then, but I am also running a .reg
(registry) file (details found by searching the FAQ) that stops the user
changing the settings (including password).

Ian Green

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Subject: version 3.3.3r9

I just install the new version of VNC (r9) on two PCs (one did not have
the old version of VNC, and one had--uninstalled before installed), but VNC does
not save the password after I restart the PCs (older version does).
After restarting the PC, I cannot remotely log in VNC because there is no
password saved.

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