General Set-up Query - between London & Florida!

Ian Walmsley ian "at"
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 20:46:15 +0000

Hi Folks,

I am new around here, so I will apologise in advance ;-)

I have read through the various manuals, and run through a few posts in
the archive, and I think I know the answers, but before I start I really
need to check things out!!

This is the scenario...

My client has a LAN here in London, which consists of a server,
connecting to the outside world, and another 5 machines sharing that
ADSL Connection, using at the moment Wingate (but will soon all go

Now my client also has a house in Florida (lucky sod), connecting to the
internet via another ADSL link, and he wishes to use the software that
is sitting on the LAN back in the office, the applications will only run
from the LAN, and cannot be run from another machine, due to the data
being on the LAN (i.e. accounts etc.)

Now he would like me to go to Florida, and set his PC up there, so that
he can run all his software applications as if he was there in the

The server on the LAN runs Win2000 advanced server, the PC runs Win 95
or Win98 on the LAN, and AFAIK the PC in Florida is either Win95 or 98
(not 2000).

The server has a static IP, the PC in London also has a static IP, but a
private one 10.57.225.xx. The PC in Florida has a dynamic one.


My Questions....

Can we run WinVNC to make all this work?

Are there any problems that you foresee? 

(My client can just about turn on the PC, and operate his software, he
cannot configure it!!)

I will have to go to Florida to configure the client end - obviously I
will not be able to pop back easily to adjust the server end!! - So I
need to get everything clear before I go...

Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

0845 345 8888
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