New Version of VNC Commander Available (bug fix)

Mitch vnc "at"
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 18:53:29 +0000

Hi Tony

You wrote

>Many thanks to Mitch who found a bug and sent me his vnc_commander.ini file.
>I was able to actually see the same thing he was seeing and this saved tons
>of time.

No problem -- except I'm a she  :-P

>The bug had to do with the autolaunch feature firing before other settings
>such as codec where initilized, I just had to move the autolaunch
>instruction to the end and that fixed it.

I now seem to have lost the functionality where the remote desktop no
longer scrolls down with the mouse so I can get to icons at the

To get to the remote taskbar, I have to reduce the zoom to 90%, start
the proggy I want, then put the zoom bac to 100% so these aged eyes can
read what is on the screen.

What have I done ?

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