WinVNC and W2K Server "Connectino Closed" message.

James ''Wez'' Weatherall jnw22 "at"
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 16:42:17 +0000

Are you running WinVNC as a service, or as an application.  Are any messages
displayed on the server machine's screen when you attempt to connect to it &
are disconnected?


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> I'm sorry for the intrusion.  I have been using WinVNC on a number of
> systems for some time now, with great luck.  I have tried to install it
> get it running on W2K server, SP2.  I keep getting the "Connection Closed"
> message after I properly authenticate.  My symptoms are exactly the same
> the snip below.  I have made all attempts to connect to a system that is
> currently logged in and the screen saver is not active.
> I was reading a thread in the mailing list archives for VNC about a Win2k
> Server and WinVNC "Connection Closed" problem.  I could not find a
> resolution in the archive.  Do you recall if there ever was a fix for the
> problem?  Thanks in advance for your time.
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> Subject: WinVNC on Windows 2000 Server
> I know that this issue has been brought up in previous discussions.
> However, I was not able to find a suitable solution.
> I am able to install and connect to WinVNC on win2k Professional without
> problems. I CANNOT install (as a service) or connect to WinVNC on win2k
> Server. I get a 'connection closed' message as soon as submit my password.
> This happens even if I set WinVNC to accepting null passwords.
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