IdleTimeout : why doesn't it work with "Poll full screen" ? (and still ok with other polling methods!)

Stefane Bridy stefane_bridy "at"
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:16:21 +0000


Still my IdleTimeout trouble, but I managed to find where the
problem seems to be, likely a Bug.

In the documentation, it says that if no "input events or update
request" during IdleTimeout (seconds), then the connection is
terminated from the WinVNC side. Hence it shouldn't have
anything to do with the Poll options, right? As the remote
computer doesn't ask anything, it's juste the local computer
that's automatically polling.

I found that the only way to have the IdleTimeout option working
is to deactivate the "Poll full screen option" !!?!  Why is that
?  And if there is a justification for "poll full screen", why
isn't it the same with "poll foreground windows"?

Does anyone know something about it ?  'cause I'm not sure that
"Poll active window" is enough for me. I can't guarantee it
updates the whole screen in case I have many windows.

Hope to read you soon.

   Stifane from Switzerland

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