VNC Commander Pro Ideas?

Jim Brown jtb "at"
Sun, 09 Sep 2001 19:32:52 +0000

Hi Tony,

   I would be happy to pay for a supported version.... even for my personal
   use... though that includes what I do for a living as I work for Cisco,
   but primarily from home where I have a lab of 12-15 systems....

   The issue I would see is that in order to charge for the product you
   would need to be able to support it fully for business's to be able to
   rely on it (as many of our labs do for VNC proper, but for free with
   local resources used to fix bugs in the Open Source versions when bugs
   are encountered), and as I encountered the simple clipboard bug this
   week it would be a major issue if this were critical to a business and
   Thong was not willing work the issue or make the code available for
   others to resolve it.....

   I suppose the wording of the license could cover such an issue... but
   I'd be careful to insure it did... as I had to go back to VNC proper...
   just because of another app that I require (multiple clipboard support)
   forced the VNCX bug...

   Just my $0.02.....

   PS. I took this off the list as my comments really wouldn't be relevant
       there ..

                                         Best Regards,

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Date:     Sunday, September 09, 2001 2:19:22 PM -0500
From:     Tony Caduto <tcaduto "at">
Subject:  VNC Commander Pro Ideas?
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I was just wondering how many people would be interested in a File Sharing
daemon that would run on Linux for VNC Commander Pro?
I have the ability to easily do this using the same source code. (Thanks to
Borland Kylix

I would also like to know if a windows help file would be a welcome

VNC Commander Pro will include the following features.

1. Everything VNC Commander has +
    a. File sharing/Sys Info Agent that will run as a Win9x/NT/2K service
    b. Port scanner to build a basic list - it will be able to scan a class
b subnet (65,000 addresses) for the port of your choice and add a icon to
the list, you would then be able to customize
        the icons.
    c. A full windows based help system (standard help and html help, your

If I put all this work into it, I won't be able to give it away for free.  I
just want to cover my costs so I was thinking of a registration fee of say
29.00 US dollars for unlimited use per company.  So 29 bucks will allow you
to use as many copies as you want.

Another option would be to just charge for the help file?

I will make the decision based on your feedback to this question.  I am not
out to make shitloads of cash on this, I just want to cover my costs, so I
can continue to provide quality software and service.


Tony Caduto
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