New Version of VNC Commander Available

Mitch vnc "at"
Sat, 08 Sep 2001 17:07:22 +0000

Hi Tony Caduto

You wrote

>There is a new updated version of VNC Commander Available.
>This release adds the following:

Don't know whether it is my setup or not, but one one particular
connection kept on getting a message "list index out of bounds(8)".
Trying to edit the connection - I couldn't get in to edit, just the same
error mesage

o Deleted the entry, then re-added it. Same problem
o Deleted then re-added with a zoom level of 90 instead of 100. Problem
o Then edited entry, putting zoom level back to 100. No problem
o exited out of VNCC, problem back

<paused while scratched head and thunk ;) >

o realised that each time it was the 'auto launch' connection which blew
o confirmed that diagnosis by experimenting with the other nodes

As I said, it could just be my setup ...

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