auto winvnc -connect IP to dynamic IP

Simon Y. Chen ychen "at"
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 23:56:46 +0000

i'm trying to view PC A (win2k) at work from PC B (win2k) at home, where A
is behind firewall and IP masked, B is using dial-up network hence with
dynamic IP. the approach i'm using is from this list:

1. run winvnc as service on A
2. open MS outlook on A, setup rule to check mail, which runs a batch file
upon finding any mail with certain_subject
3. the batch file will launch "winvnc -connect some_mapped_domain_name"
4. map the dynamic ip of B to some_mapped_domain_name using dynamic DNS
service online
5. open viewer in listen mode on B, send email with certain_subject

the outlook rule on A will get that email, launch the batch file, initialize
connection to the mapped domain name, from the server on A to the viewer on
B. it sould do.

my question is about step 3 and 4 where i map the dynamic ip. this approach
relies on the website mapping the dynamic ip. i'm wondering if i can do it
in simpler way. for instance, if outlook can automatically save attachment,
i can attach the batch file which contains my dynamic ip (unmapped), then
when the batch file is executed, winvnc connects to my ip. i don't know how
to let outlook do that, and, anybody did anything else to solve this
problem? thanks.

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