New Version of VNC Commander Available

Jim Brown jtb "at"
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 18:30:29 +0000

Hi Tony,

   I noted a likely bug.... but not really in Commander... but more in
   Tummy's dll with the way it threads itself on the clipboard queue.....
   Not sure if you're handling this at all... but figured I'd mention it in
   case it's effecting others though I've yet to spend enough time
   debugging everything to send info to Thong...

     The issue showed up as evident to me as I use Clipmate ;

     which pops up when the clipboard chain has been incorrectly broken....
     thus this clip capturing utility get bumped from the chain.... it
     seems that VNCX just takes over the clipboard chain rather than
     threading it self on the top of the chain... (for local<>server
     clipboard functionality)....

   The issue is when multiple clipboard aware utils are threading and
   re-threading VNCX bumps them off and if they then rethread VNCX seems to

                                         Best Regards,

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Date:     Friday, September 07, 2001 12:30:41 AM -0500
From:     Tony Caduto <tcaduto "at">
Subject:  New Version of VNC Commander Available
Files:    <none>
There is a new updated version of VNC Commander Available.
This release adds the following:

Set Codec  IE Hextile, CopyRect, etc
Checkbox to share connection
Checkbox for View only option, this disable keyboard and mouse input
Checkbox for Request Frames
Checkbox for Progressive Drawing

A new connection now defaults to Hextile with Request Frames

All options are per connection.
You can get it here:


Tony Caduto

Would anyone be interested in a NT/9x service that you could install with
your VNC server that could provide file transfer/System Info capabilities ?
It would be integrated in with the VNC Commander Viewer form and could also
be activated from the icon.
This would be a seperate service that would complement the VNC server.
I have the code already created for another project and it is created with
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