ATI and TightVNC conflict (was: TightVNC crash on 6 of 16 NT servers)

Eric Carlson Eric "at"
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 18:16:09 +0000

I've narrowed down the TightVNC crashed to an ATI video conflict.

  If I run certain ATI video cards at 800x600, 16-bit color on NT
4.0/SP6a, even with the latest ATI drivers, WinVNC usually gives a Dr.
Watson error upon VNC client login.

  If I switch to 800x600, 256 color, it seems to work fine.

  The card is the "ATI Rage128". The problem happens with various
drivers, including the 4.3.192 driver from the ATI web site. I had to
switch all these to 256 color.

  I also had the problem on the "ATI 3D Rage IIC", but the problem seems
to have gone away with the 4.00.1381.3247 driver from the ATI web site.
The problem does exist in the 4.00.1381.3254 driver from Compaq, and
with the 5.2.040 ATI driver.

- Eric,
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