Running java apps off unix box

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>Subject: Running java apps off unix box
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>If I run reflections or hummingbird and start my java app, it works fine,
>but if I run it through vnc, it gets errors and crashes.  Why would there be
>any difference?

You need to have an application you're able and permitted to provide a copy
of, and instructions for re-creating the problem with it, so that others
can re-create it to get any further.

You also need to identify the version of Java in question, and probably
the version of the VNC server as well.  The only app where I've
seen the problem so far (HotJava) is not supported under JDKs > 1.1, so
I can't determine whether more recent JDK/JRE would have the problem or not.

My WAG would be that it's a boundary condition or timing issue (number of
requests outstanding or something like that) that only arises with certain
AWT calls, and that it's a Java bug rather than a VNC bug (since it's Java
that dies rather than the VNC server).  But that's a very iffy (and not
particularly useful) guess based on entirely too little information.

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