[patch] option for vncserver to allow more traditional exitin g of X

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Fri, 07 Sep 2001 12:03:08 +0000

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>Funny, I was -just- trying to figure out what was wrong with VNC that it
>-wasn't- doing this.  Out of curiosity, what could possibly be the point of
>not exiting when the Xsession terminates like any normal X server?  I can't
>think of any possible reason for this.
>Anyways, this seems a better solution than mine, which was to put 'vncserver
>-kill :1' at the end of my .Xsession file, and always start the server on
>display 1!  I hope this functionality gets integrated into the main VNC
>source tree!

It may reflect typical use.  An X server serves one or more people in
one place, while a VNC server typically serves just one person that
might be moving around.

But in the case of Xvnc, it might be used either way.  I was looking at
it as a way to run old stupid apps that only worked with an 8-bit
visual as the default, when I would prefer to run with a 24-bit visual
as the default.  That meant that I was using vncviewer and vncserver
in the same place, and I wanted to be able to exit the VNC "desktop"
in a familiar manner rather than by manually running a separate command.

So what I did (at least in what it offers, if perhaps not in the details
of how I did it) makes sense to me, in that it caters to either sort
of use of Xvnc.

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