Hiding icon: Code to change the icon to blinking when

Rasmus Emil Møller AER "at" topdanmark.dk
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 09:33:47 +0000

How about changing the mouse pointer on
the VNC server, when a session is active?

Changing the mouse pointer is as easy as
the wallpaper juggling etc. that is now
implemented as standard. I tried with a
BIG FAT RED mouse pointer; it's something
that the end user is bound to notice (perhaps
 one could even make it an "VNC-animated"
mouse pointer). And, contrary to the blinking
tray icon, it does not create additional RFB
traffic, and it is somewhat unobtrusive.

Another possibility is to change temporarily
the default colors for the window title bars,
or to make the windows borders change size or

... just trying to be imaginative here ...

Cordiali saluti

Rasmus E. Mxller


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Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2029 13:58:53 +0930
From: Ellen Reisinger <itadmin "at" sanderson.nt.edu.au>
Subject: RE: Hiding icon

LOL I agree stu about the missing equipment, you don't happen to work in a
high school :)

And I am on the same path, but mine is because i really don't want to know
what they're getting up to *grin* in fact even hate thinking of what my
users could possible be doing.  I just want to get in there fix the problem
and get out :)

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From:     Loughran, Stuart [SMTP:stuart.loughran "at" ntu.ac.uk]
Sent:     Thursday, 6 September 2001 11:05 PM
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Subject:  RE: Hiding icon

Our clients may not notice if their machine had disappeared never mind an
icon that blinks.
For my purposes, I don't even want to enter into the violation argument and
I want to give my users as much notice as possible that I'm taking over
their machine or watching what they do in a particular


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From: Jonathan Maton [mailto:jmaton "at" viztek.net]
Sent: 06 September 2001 14:05
To: vnc-list "at" uk.research.att.com
Subject: Re: Hiding icon

Ah - now this is a good question.  Currently the tray icon reverses colors,
but if your resolution is very large (say 1024x768 or higher) the icon is
small anyway that one is likely not to notice the change.

For our purposes we were considering making the icon blink between normal
and reversed colors for the entire duration that a viewer is connected.  We
considered a pop-up message, but that is a bit too intrusive, especially if
your clients are radiologists trying to read exams.  I will probably end up
doing the icon-flash thing, if anyone is interested in the change I will
post the relevant lines of code to enable the effect.

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From: "Loughran, Stuart" <stuart.loughran "at" ntu.ac.uk>
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Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 6:47 AM
Subject: RE: Hiding icon

> On the other hand, is there a way of the client being notified that their
> machine is being viewed by way of a pop up message or other?
> Stu
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> From: Jonathan Maton [mailto:jmaton "at" viztek.net]
> Sent: 05 September 2001 21:52
> To: vnc-list "at" uk.research.att.com
> Subject: Re: Hiding icon
> "Hiding the tray icon"
> This is sort of a "taboo" issue... mainly because there seems to be no
> legitimate reason to hide the server's icon.  The only reason I can think
> is to facilitate spying on someone, which I believe the good folks at
> Research are not interested in advertising, especially after the rather
> nasty article in Time magazine that proclaimed vnc to be nothing more
> "spyware."
> Having said that... vnc is open source.  You can download the source code
> and make whatever changes you want.  But please don't be offended if no
> on the list wishes to help you do it.  We'd all hate to see the vnc
> go closed source (or worse, be discontinued) due to any more bad press,
> the "feature" you're after is the heart of it.
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> Jonathan Maton, Development Team
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> makers of the Onyx-RAD suite of medical software
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> Subject: Hiding icon
> > I'm new to VNC, how can I hide the icon on a server and still connect
> it
> > from a viewer ?
> >
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