to HostException:Operation Timed out Dietmar.Friesch "at"
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 08:12:40 +0000

I'v got to cater for two setups involving SDSL with Lucent CellPipes which
connect two lans and provide these lans with access general access to the
internet. Both Pipes - according to what the two different providers confirm
upon questionning - have been setup in there internal routing tables so that
ports 5800 and 5900 are NATed  to the internal IP adresses were vnc server
is running as a service. Everything works properly within the lans. However

setup 1:	if I run the Browser/java interface I'm getting the login
screen, can type the password, but nothing happens (not even "sorry" except
that after a few seconds I  receive "javanet.NoRoute to hostException:
Operation timed out." which appears not to be the case as I get the login
when running trhough the viewer, after a few seconds I get "Failed to
connect to server"

setup2: I'm not getting anything at all - which tells me that the set-up is
not correct

has anybody got a hint to resolve setup 1 -  which might then after
correction of setup 2 help to make this run as well


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