New Version of VNC Commander Available

Tony Caduto tcaduto "at"
Fri, 07 Sep 2001 05:23:50 +0000

There is a new updated version of VNC Commander Available.
This release adds the following:

Set Codec  IE Hextile, CopyRect, etc
Checkbox to share connection
Checkbox for View only option, this disable keyboard and mouse input
Checkbox for Request Frames
Checkbox for Progressive Drawing

A new connection now defaults to Hextile with Request Frames

All options are per connection.
You can get it here:


Tony Caduto

Would anyone be interested in a NT/9x service that you could install with
your VNC server that could provide file transfer/System Info capabilities ?
It would be integrated in with the VNC Commander Viewer form and could also
be activated from the icon.
This would be a seperate service that would complement the VNC server.
I have the code already created for another project and it is created with
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