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I as yourself have only played with VNC for a day or two. The registry
editing can seem a bit mysterious, but really isn't that bad.

>From what i've used, the section i've been editing is:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ORL\WinVNC3\Default (which I think affects
everyone who logs on the machine...admins included.)

For example AllowProperties. You will not see this in the registry
settings, but to add this value. Right click on Default/New/DWord Value,
type in the name of the value AllowProperties and set the value to 1. A
setting of 1 will allow users to access the properties.

Close winvnc and stop the service "net stop winvnc" Change the
AllowProperties Value to 0. Close regedit, start

winvnc "net start winvnc", start the srevice helper if its not there.
C:\Program Files\Orl\Vnc\winvnc -srevice helper (from CMD prompt) and try
to access the properties. You should now see that it is greyed out and
inacessible. The same works the DWord value AllowShutdown.

This way, you can prevent users from changing the properties or closing
the tray icon. I'm assuming that as long as they have admin rights, a
user could still run "net stop winvnc".

ps...always try to have the machine your connecting to be set to run
winvnc as service.


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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2029 13:53:19 +0930
From: Ellen Reisinger <itadmin "at" sanderson.nt.edu.au>
Subject: RE: Hiding icon

Can someone explain this to me in really simple terms (please).

I have been in to regedit, found have drilled own and found values under
each of the
but am unsure where to proceed from there.

I guess it doesn't help that I have a limited understanding of the
editor.  I have tried looking up dword values in my ref text called
Optimizing the windows registry, but I still don't quite grasp what I am
supposed to put where.



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