VNC Commander - what is it? (newbie)

Yan Seiner yan "at"
Thu, 06 Sep 2001 10:54:22 +0000

This is why I don't use DHCP.....  You could cross-reference from arp
tables to MAC addresses.  I don't know if your machine is win or linux;
on linux:

[yan "at" aphrodite yan]$ /sbin/arp
Address			HWtype	HWaddress	    Flags Mask		Iface
ophelia.cardinal.lan   	ether   00:A0:24:89:C7:9F  
C                     eth0
hamlet.cardinal.lan    	ether   00:A0:24:89:C7:9F  
C                     eth0
othello-er.cardinal.lan	ppp     00:A0:24:89:C7:9F  
CM                    tun3
othello-r.cardinal.lan 	ppp     00:A0:24:89:C7:9F  
CM                    tun1
portia.cardinalengineer	ether   00:60:68:80:34:9C  
C                     eth1
oberon-r.cardinal.lan  	ppp     00:60:68:80:34:9C  
CM                    tun0

A neat cross-refence between computer names (or ip addresses if you're
not running DNS) and MAC addresses.  (Ignore the duplicates; the
machines above are "virtual" with no real hardware).


Ellen Reisinger wrote:
> Wow!  This is great!  We currently have no systems in place to manage our
> 300 odd computers and 5 servers.  We have just started getting into VNC. I
> can't wait to have winVnc installed on all the workstations!
> With VNC Commander - Is there a limit to the number of computers you can
> have listed? What limit is there to the number of concurrent connections?
>  Guess this is all in the documentation.
> Question about winVNC ... we use dhcp, is there a way that i can log into
> systems without having to know their ip address, for example using the
> adapter address (as this info is readily available on my asset db)?
> Ellen
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