New Version of VNC Commander available

Tony Caduto tcaduto "at"
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 22:01:01 +0000

Yes, it was designed that way IE so you have to use the exit button or the
file-exit in the main menu.
I did it that way because if you are not using the viewer it takes up
minimal resources and can be left running in the tray until you need it
Currently there is not a option for full screen.

There should be no reason to kill it through the task manager, it takes
longer to do that than just double click on the icon and click the exit

Tony Caduto

----- Original Message -----

> I have downloaded the new VNC Commander I found that if you
> don't use the File/Exit command when exiting the prog, VNC_Commander.e
> will remain active on the sys tray.  It can be killed through task
> manager though.
> Is there an option for Full Screen ?
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