New Version of VNC Commander available

Wojtowicz, Peter Peter.Wojtowicz "at"
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 19:27:17 +0000

Spectacular!  I've already entered 15 of my servers into it.

Two things I've noticed..

When viewing as "Details", the last column "Show connection Timer" should
either be named "Hide connection Timer", or the value for each entry should
be flipped from false to true..

It also doesn't seem to have support for my favoirite switch, "/viewonly".

Still, an excellent utility.  Thank you!  I wish I'd heard of it sooner!


> Hi All,
> A new version of VNC Commander is available for download.
> I have incorporated some of your ideas into this release,
> such as:
> Improved details view, now has sort arrows on the column 
> headers, and it
> remembers where you left it last.
> Display name does not change when editing the server address.
> One connection can be set to autoconnect when the program
> is started.
> Large Icon view is now sorted.
> And other little things.
> You can download it for free at:
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