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Miani, Thomas tmiani "at"
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 18:42:09 +0000

Hello all :

	Our company is using VNC on an NT work station enabling our
	to control and view that station.

	Due to security reasons our customers want to change the password of
	actual VNC connection, most times they are connected to the NT
station through

Here is what has happened :
Preliminary testing :
	On actual NT Station changing the password using the Icon tool seems
to work
	Changing the password when Vic's causes the password to go back to
the default 
	when the machine is rebooted.  When I rebooted the new password was
not maintained, 
	nor was the previous one (changed on the actual NT Station) that I
had used before.  
	The default password was back in place. 

Please help :

	Is the password saved in the registry ?
	Does the user that is Vic's in have permissions to write to the new
password to the registry on 
	the server machine ?  
	Would this cause the password to revert to the default ?

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