Undocumented port in use by VNCviewer in Listen Mode?

Seanster Seanster "at" Seanster.com
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 17:13:00 +0000

Ok lets wrap this up. Port 5400 is for the 'Flasher'. Here is what it
says in the source code:

// Flasher is used with the AT&T internal version of VNC, when the user
may need to 
// choose which monitor in a room should be used to display his desktop.
A server can
// connect to a listening viewer and flash the boundary of the screen,
typically displaying
// the userid of the person doing the flashing at the same time.
// Not used in the external version.

To be more specific, they say 'not used' but it is available for use.
Maybe they meant 'not used by the server'. Or maybe someone just forgot
to stop it from running.

Just telnet to your box on port 5400 and your screen will flash as
I wish someone around here used it cuz it would be a wicked prank to
hammer them with flashes.

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