grey screen with cursor only on solaris/sparc

David Edward Shapiro David.Edward.Shapiro "at"
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 14:04:24 +0000


I saw a thing in the faq that said something about the xstartup program and
needing maybe to use some other thing other than twm.  If I run something
like reflections at my workstatoin and run the xstartup, howerver, I do get
a unix command prompt fine, so it is not the xstartup script.  I changed the
xstartup script so that it just had xclock in it, but I still got the same
grey screen/cursor.  It is as if it is not running the xstartup script I
think.  I started the server with vncserver command and I am using the
latest vnc to date.  The operating system is solaris 2.8 on a sparc
platform.  What can I change to get this working?

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