hook video driver

Rudi De Vos rudi.de.vos "at" simac.be
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 12:48:58 +0000

The hook driver capture the rectangles and points passed to the driver
drvbitblt and drvcopybits functions.

The destination rectangles are screen coordinates, source rectangles are
window coordinates.
Vnc needs only to know the place that changed (for bitblt is this ok)
But when you want to use "copyrect" you also need the source info, you
have to know the source rectangle
before you can copy him to the destination.
I'm still try to find a way to translate the window coordinates to
screen coordinates.
The hook driver pass a RECT for bitblt and a RECT and POINT for
copybits. But the POINT is the place on the
window that moves.
ex: notepad size 100x100
left = 150
right =250
top = 300
bottom =400

The driver pass me something like 160,240,310,380  point 0,10
rectangle moved to 160,240,310,380 from  150,310
But the driver don't tell me that the app is notepad and so I don't know
the starting place (150=0,300=10)

There exist a document from microsoft "Tracking window changes" but this
document is not clear for me.


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    I noticed your mail to the VNC list regarding a hooking video
>From your mail, it sounds as though you have this on Windows 2000/NT.
that correct?
    You mentioned some confusion in tracking window changes.  Can you
more detail as to why this confusion exists, and I'll make suggestions
if I


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