Bug report - Win2k machine reboots

Yan Seiner yan "at" cardinalengineering.com
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 12:25:25 +0000

OT and getting more so - 

Keep in mind that most of my experience is with linux, and none with

In linux, I can simply unload those portions of the OS I don't want to
use (like sound, dvd, etc.).  In windows, I would assume you need to
uninstall drivers and disable the automatic driver installation on boot
- a more involved and much more permanent process.

Also, in windows, apps muck about with replacing DLLs which can
introduce instabilities. (Not trying to start a holy war; linux is fast
heading down that route as well....)  So check to see if the problems
started after a botched install of an app.


Zoran Pantic wrote:
> Hello Yan!
> I seem to have the similar problem, and I also turned power savings off. No
> help. But now when you mentioned those multimedia and sound stuff, I can
> remember that once I got a blue screen complaining about some sound driver
> (which is btw properly installed and is newest version). What do you mean by
> turning multimedia and soun off? You mean leaving the machine totally without
> sound, uninstalling something, or what?
> Thanx in advance,
>                       Zoran
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