Bug report - Win2k machine reboots

Yan Seiner yan "at" cardinalengineering.com
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 11:19:36 +0000

I fought a similar problem on a linux-based toshiba laptop.  I finally
solved the problem by turning off as much of the power saving stuff as
possible.  I would disable all power management, sound, multimedia,
etc.  and see if the problem persists.  Then enable one at a time.

I've found apm to be the source of more evil reboots and freezes than
almost anything else.


Zoran Pantic wrote:
> I have the same problem with my win2000pro sp2 machine, and that problem was
> there before I had sp2, and even before I had VNC. On our little LAN there are
> other computers who have VNC running the whole time and no problems, ever!
> I can see in a event viewer that "machine was restarted after a bugcheck", but
> to me it looks exactly like I pressed hardware reset key.
> I have fought against this problem (that occurs occasionaly - 2 or 3 times in
> one day, and then a pause for 10 days or even a month) for so many months now,
> that I learned to live with this problem (and developed almost unconcous
> reaction on my left hand, called "CTRL + S sequence"  :o)
> If anyone ever comes to solve this problem, please post it somewhere. Now I
> even started to think about possible relation between computers hardware and
> some program(s) (I have IBM ThinkPad 600X laptop) - that's how desperate one
> can get not being able to solve a problem that occurs occasionally, not
> obviously related to a visible cause.    :o)
> Regards,
>                   Zoran
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