status of scaling

Wayne Throop throopw "at"
Tue, 04 Sep 2001 23:34:59 +0000

I'm not sure what the current status of support for scaling
on various platforms, or in proxy.  Could somebody summarize it?

My interest in scaling is from either a Windows CE device to
a linux desktop (hence, server-side or proxy-based scaling),
or linux laptop to linux desktop (just to make operation more
convenient than fishing around with a viewport).

With these interests, it would seem that a dedicated proxy
process that one could start up on demand to do scaling for the
various sizes involved, and which would do antialiasing so that
text would remain minimally readable when scaled down modestly
(ie, 1280x1024 -> 1023x768 or similar).

Neither of these (proxy packaging, or useful antialiasing / interpolation) 
seem to be done at all, let alone in the linux/unix environment.  I'd be
delighted to be wrong about that...  can anybody help with pointers?

Wayne Throop   throopw "at"
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