Sun Meta key handling in VNC

Mark Jackson mjackson "at"
Tue, 04 Sep 2001 22:47:15 +0000

I must be doing something stupid, because if this were a real problem
it would surely be in the FAQ:

Sun's Cut, Copy, and Paste keys can be emulated with the key combinations
Meta-x, Meta-c, and Meta-v.  When running an X server such as Xoftware
on PC hardware one uses Alt-x, Alt-c, and Alt-v instead.

These mappings work when using VNC, but only for *some* Solaris
applications.  That is, I can run vncviewer from a Solaris box and use the
Meta key combinations, or run vncviewer from a Wintel box (NT or 98) and
use the Alt key combinations, and achieve the Cut, Copy, Paste function
in, for example, OpenWindows Textedit.  However these same combinations
fail in, for example, OpenWindows Mailtool compose windows (a bare x,
c, or v is inserted instead).  To reiterate, when working directly (not
through VNC) the Meta key combinations work in all programs, as do the
Alt key combinations when working from a Wintel box using Xoftware.

What is different about the way VNC handles the Alt or Meta key (either
server-side or client-side), and how do I get it to stop?

Mark Jackson -
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