vnc as service on w2k

Russ Paton russ "at"
Tue, 04 Sep 2001 15:57:14 +0000

> Hi out there,
> being a novice in using vnc I'm doing something wrong or misunderstood:
> 1. I'm running vnc on a w2k machine as a service which works (tray icon
> present, service on automatic)
> however only after someone logged in
> 2. Obviously, after remote reboot I want to re-log in getting a "sorry" from
> -.-.:5800 or "authentication
> failed" from the viewer until logged in.
> I think I've followed all instructions properly. What am I dooing wrong? 
> Dietmar

Hi Dietmar,

As long as you've clicked on the shortcut to install vncserver as a service
it will work as soon as the network has been brought up on the booting
machine.  I've installed vnc on several machines across my network and
this method works in each and every installation.


Russ Paton
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