hook video driver

Rudi De Vos rudi.de.vos "at" simac.be
Tue, 04 Sep 2001 15:55:02 +0000

Indeed that is the intention.
At this point , I can capture drvbitblt drvcopybits and drvtextout
calls(mirror video driver).
A shared memory is setup between the video driver and winvnc, so vnc can
pass and read some data from the driver.
The biggest problem is to find a way to track the window changes using
the data provided by thoose drv-functions.
There exist a msdn document "Tracking window changes" .  But this doc is
not clear to me and has only partial code.
Any help welcome

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my name is Gianluca, from Italy.
I've read your message in VNC forum about use of video driver in Win2k.
What do you mean? Are you developing an hook video driver to get the
screen updates? If so, please tell me something about that.
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