Problem connecting to VNC Server

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Tue, 04 Sep 2001 10:53:50 +0000

See comments below.
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> Hi all, wondering if someone can help me.
> I've tried using VNC for the first time the other day. I loaded the server
> software onto my home machine, which has a home network and an ADSL
> connection through a USB port.
> The problem is, when I try to connect to either my hostname OR my IP, it
> won't connect. The thing is though, it works when I try it from another
> machine on my home network, so I'm doing *something* right, hehe.
>From the above it sounds like you are having trouble from connecting outside
your network, ie via the internet. Or are you saying some machines on your
internal network work while others don't. If you are using the internet make
sure your hostname is properly updated in the dns servers and that pinging
it works. And please make sure that you are not trying to connect to your
internal network IP address. If you cannot ping your machine or you can ping
it but still connot connect make sure that the necessary ports are open.
Firstly if you are running firewall software you need to unblock these
ports. If you are using  Win 2k or NT 4 Server these ports can be locked
from somewhere within network configuration (i think). If still no go check
with your ADSL provider to make sure they do not filter or block certian
ports as a security protection feature.
Other than that some more info may help so everyone knows exactly what you
are trying to do.

> I've tried connecting from my cousin's machine, but still to no avail.
> also tried setting the session number to something manually rather than
> automatic, but still no go :/
> Has anyone got any recommendations I could try to get this to work?
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