VNC remote install and connection closed

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Thank you Richard for your feedback,
I read your site and ist really good stuff

I'll try to adapt these things.

On feedback to
Wir NT4 you can use the Reskit Tool "NETDOM" to query the
Domaincontroller f|r a list of all Windows NT Stations in that domain
(Computer accounts in the sam) to get a complete list pf Workstations.
With Windows 2000 you can of course use "LDIFDE" or "CSVDE" to export
the same information from the AD.

But i found a more genuine way to push VNC to workstations.
Simply create a hidden share on the PDC like "VNC$" and grant everyone
And than let the user logon script create a file with the following

If not exist %systemroot%\winvnc.exe echo vncmissing >>
If exist %systemroot%\winvnc.exe     echo vncmissing >>
So you get a list of all computers with VNC installed and not installed.
Ist easy to let a AT-Job or a permanent batch running on the DC to check
the directory f|r new *.VNC Files and to trigger fastpush for that PC.

Software management the light way.  To make it better you can use
"filever"  (ResKit) to check the version of VNC and to send updates etc.

W2K makes it easier with Policies to distribute winvnc server

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> Frank,
> > VNC running very well. Windows NT4  W2K  always as service.
> > Installation using "WINVNC -install" is working. I normally
> insall it
> > "remotely". It works with 3.3.2 but no longer with 3.3.3r9
> I've got a script that installs VNC remotely to NT4 (with or
> without a
> domain). Check out
> Either have a pop with that, or use the commands I've put in to
> tweak your batch file.
> > What i to: i create a batch top start as administrator: WINVNC ist
> > installed locally as service with a password set Resource Kit Tools
> > SC.EXE and REG.EXE are used
> You're on the right track, although the SC command can be a bit of
> a bitch to get just right. I use this line:
> SC \\%1 create WinVNC binpath= "%remotetarget%:\Program
> Files\ ORL\VNC\WinVNC.exe -service" type= own type= interact
> start= auto
> NB: %remotetarget% is a value I pull from the remote machine to
> find it's system drive.
> > I know i can schedule a "WINVNC -instal" using AT command
> or WMI buw
> > AT needs "time" and WMI is not always availible. So any hint, why
> > winvnc does not allow me to control the station if i
> install it with
> > "SC.EXE" ?
> I'd stay away from AT if I were you. Getting the timing just right is
> more problematic than it's worth. I found it a hell of a lot
> easier to
> push VNC on to a machine, rather than have the remote PC install
> it at a set time period.
> Rich
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