TightVNC crash on 6 of 16 NT servers

Eric Carlson Eric "at" InvisibleRobot.com
Mon, 03 Sep 2001 18:27:21 +0000


  I think all the servers are running at 800x600x16-bit. The same
problem happens no matter which VNC client is used. I'll have to get the
Dr.Watson error to send to you, as soon as I can get back into the
servers. All the servers should have the same VNC settings. I'll have to
find out what video drivers each server is running.

- Eric, http://www.InvisibleRobot.com/

> Date: 03 Sep 2001 07:18:31 +0800
> From: Const Kaplinsky <const "at" ce.cctpu.edu.ru>
> Subject: Re: TightVNC crash on 6 of 16 NT servers
> I have not seen crashes with latest TightVNC version yet, and if I
> could re-produce the problem, or to clarify conditions causing the
> server to crash, that could help me to locate and fix bugs that might
> cause the problem. What color mode do you use on servers and does
> changing screen mode (e.g. 24bit -> 16bit) change anything? Do these
> crashes depend on encoding or cursor pointer mode used? Maybe there is
> something where machines differ (e.g. video drivers)?
> Also, I'd like to know, does anybody else experience similar problems?
> - --
> With Best Wishes,
> Constantin
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