Push to Windows Millenium

Richard Harris richard.harris "at" nottscc.gov.uk
Mon, 03 Sep 2001 09:30:00 +0000

> I did a search of the archives and wasnt able to find any info on
> this.  Is there a specific way to push VNC to a Windows ME machine
> from an NT 4.0 Server?  I can map drives as normal to the machine (its
> a domain member), but what about the service install, et cetera?  Is
> the install any different from a remote install on an NT/Win2k
> machine?

I don't have any experience with VNC on ME. If ME is just a jazzed up 95 that 
takes NT drivers, then you'll have to go down the route of an install package.

If ME has NT-like services then you should be able to use the SC command to 
install VNC as a service. 

You only need a push script if the local OS has it's own security system 
(nt/2000). Windows 9x doesn't have any of this, so if ME is like 9x, you could 
just use your own custom installer.

Check out http://www.darkage.co.uk/vnc/owndistro.htm for a more in-depth 

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