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Yan Seiner yan "at"
Mon, 03 Sep 2001 01:10:56 +0000

VNC over VPN?

Yes.  Do it all the time.  There should not be anything special about
it.  I run VNC over a network built with vtund (lightweight linux-based
vpn).  I have also run VNC over pptp from a win 9x client to a
linux-based pptp server.

No problem either way.  I have, however, run into a similar problem
trying to run various connections through a winNT based firewall.  I
suspect some sort of stateful packet inspection, but since the attempts
were unauthorized, I can't provide any additional data.

Can you get firewall/access logs from the NT server?


spencer wrote:
> Scott,
> I have a similar issue as stated below. Do you have any suggestions?
> I am trying to use VNC to access a Windows NT Server (Backup Domain
> Controller, BDC). I am accessing the BDC via an all Microsoft VPN. I have
> RAS on the Server and use the PPTP protocol to connect. I can connect to the
> server (and have been doing this for some time now).
> Here is my setup.
> Corporate- NT Server, BDC running behind a Linksys BEFSR41 nat router.
> Public IP on the Wan side of the Linksys router. Forwarding ports 80, 25,
> 110, and 1723 (for Linksys to work with VPN) to the NT BDC.
> Remote- NT Workstation, running behind a Linksys BEFSR41 nat router, dynamic
> public IP (which has not changed in months).
> The Problem:
> I have loaded WinVNC onto that server and can use the Win 98 client viewer
> while on the local LAN. However, when on the remote NT Workstation I can
> successfully connect to Corporate, but I cannot successfully run the WinNT
> VNC client. I can enter the IP address of the remote machine, I get prompted
> for a password and the remote screen initiates, then turns all black, and
> then shuts down.
> Question:
> Has anyone successfully connected VNC via a VPN tunnel of any type, and
> specifically the type described above.
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