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	Hello! I like these easy ones. :) You cannot
connect to the LAN from *outside* of the LAN because
of the security provided by the device which is
connecting that LAN to the Internet. Sometimes called
a firewall/router, sometimes called a gateway, sometimes
it's part of the DSL/Cable modem itself.
	Those things do (amoung other things) something
called Network Address Translation, a process specified
by RFC-1918. That address range you mention, 192.168.x.y
is called a "private address range". So, as a packet
travels from a network device to the Internet, the 
gateway device tranlates it into a "real", world
routable IP address assigned by your ISP.
	So to connect to a VNC server behind one of these
gateways, you have to point to this "external IP address",
not the 192.168.x.y one. Write back with what sorta gateway 
device you're using and we can help more!


> I have got WinVNC 3.3.3R9 running on my home network, between my old
> computer and my new one.  It links fine through my network cards and a
> coaxial cable.
> I have now taken my old computer to a friends house and connected it to his
> phone line, but I cannot now dial into it from my new computer at home.  Nor
> can he dial into my computer from there.  I seem to have got all the
> settings right, but when it dials his number, and it answers, my old
> computer does not pick up the signal.  What am I doing wrong?   I am
> searching on the IP number, which is for the old computer and
> for the new computer, which works fine on the home network
> through the cable connection but I have never got it working through a modem
> connection.  How do I ping the old computer?  How do I telnet, whatever that
> is?
> Similarly, I have set up a network of 5 PCs for a client in Birmingham,
> which happily use Winvnc to communicate with each other.  But I cannot dial
> into their system from here, even though I have set up their system to allow
> me to do so.
> Any ideas?
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